Sharing and strengthening our Jewish heritage.

Pass on your Jewish heritage in an innovative way.

The G2: Global Intergenerational Initiative has four areas of focus. 


Family Heritage & Jewish Legacy


Within this content pod the grandparent and grandchild pairs (GP/GC) will explore their personal family narrative and importance of Jewish practice through the generations. 

Jewish Community: Local & Global


 Local, Israel & Global: GP/GC pairs will learn about their local Jewish community ('Jewish Gems'), their P2G Israel community and their Global Jewish community. Through technology platforms, participants from around the world will engage with each other throughout the year!

Jewish Adulthood


The GP/GC pairs will explore Jewish values such as philanthropy, volunteering, and responsibility. Taking real action by participating in a special volunteer trip. 

Understanding Israel


Through intergnerational activities, GP’s and GC’s will explore the meaning and significance of Israel throughout the generations.