The G2 journey culminates in a 'Global Israel Experience.'


The one-year G2 journey will come to a dramatic closing experience—an inter-generational trip to Israel uniting all program participants from the Diaspora and Israel for an incredible week as one global Jewish family.

Global Israel Experience (December 23- 30, 2019)

Best. Week. Ever. Together!

  • Grandparent/Grandchild experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime

  • Discover the cultural riches and heritage of Israel through taste, sound and color

  • Feel the power of connecting to Israel through volunteering and contributing

  • Meet the Israeli-Ethiopian Community and learn their story from the perspective of GP’s & GC's

  • Connect and explore your P2G community with home hospitality

  • Celebrate with other G2 Participants from around the world & feel the power of Global Jewry