Cincinnati Kicks Off G2!


Cincinnati Launches G2 Cohort

New program to take Jewish grandparent-grandchild relationships to the next level

Jerusalem, Israel —The Jewish Agency for Israel, in collaboration with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, is using grandparent-grandchild relationships as a vehicle for strengthening Jewish identity in fun and meaningful ways. Partnership2Gether (P2G), a program of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, has just launched a pilot program in Cincinnati and Netanya called G2: Global Intergenerational Initiative. Cincinnati and Netanya are partnership cities through the Jewish Agency and the Jewish Federation’s P2G program.

G2 reinforces the impact that grandparents have on the younger generation. The program is built on four pillars: meaningful grandparent-grandchild relationships, shared Jewish values, inspiring the next generation, and connections with Israel and Jewish peoplehood. The educational components of this year-long program include:

  • Monthly sessions in which grandparents and grandchildren come together locally for innovative and exciting Jewish programming, offering opportunities for grandparents to share their life experiences, values, and heritage, as well as inspiring the younger generation with a commitment to Jewish community and Israel.
  • Adventures that will deepen the relationship between grandparent and grandchild, putting Jewish values into practice.
  • A week-long trip to Israel as the culmination of the program for all G2 participants from around the globe.
  • The use of cutting-edge technological tools, giving grandparents the opportunity to connect with each other as well as with other participants from around the world.

On December 10, five pairs of grandparents-grandchildren from Cincinnati experienced the first session under the guidance of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati’s Director of Youth Israel Experiences Sharon Spiegel and Community Shlicha (Israeli emissary) Maia Morag.

“We’re excited to be part of the first ever G2 initiative,” said Barb Miller, Director of Community Building at the Jewish Federation. “Our vision for an engaged and empowered Cincinnati Jewish community by the year 2020 includes 75% of all households feeling connected to Israel. This innovative program supports that vision.”

“Today’s grandparents are heavily involved in their grandchildren’s lives and have incredible potential in passing down Jewish values to the next generation,” said the Jewish Agency’s G2 Director Jay Weinstein. “This initiative creates a ‘grand’ opportunity for valuable intergenerational communication and relationships.”

G2 is the latest program that implements The Jewish Agency’s mission to serve as the main link between the State of Israel and Jewish communities worldwide, to energize young Israelis and their global peers to rediscover a collective sense of Jewish purpose, and to address the Jewish people’s greatest challenges in every generation. As part of the P2G platform which strength lies in making people-to-people connections, G2 works to strengthen the connections between grandparents and their grandchildren, the partnership communities, and the global Jewish communities involved.

“We are proud to launch this unique initiative that focuses on intergenerational experiences and brings together cohorts from Israel and Jewish communities around the globe,” said Andrea Arbel, Director of the Partnership Unit at The Jewish Agency. “Grandparents have been identified as a leading influence in creating a Jewish identity in their grandchildren, which is why G2 has the power to impact the next generation.”

In addition to Cincinnati, the first G2 cohort includes communities in Miami, FL; Greater MetroWest, NJ; Cape Town, South Africa; Yerucham, Netanya; and Arad and Beit Shemesh-Mateh Yehuda, Israel.

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