A taste of the experience


Peulot (sessions)

During monthly Peulot (sessions), led by a facilitator, grandparents and grandchildren come together locally for innovative and exciting Jewish programming, offering opportunities for grandparents to share their Jewish life experiences and heritage, inspiring the younger generation with a commitment to Jewish community, Jewish values and Israel.

Mesimot (adventures)

Value-based activities/adventures done once a month by each GP/GC will deepen the relationship between grandparent and grandchild, putting Jewish values into practice.


"Today's moments are tomorrow's memories." Participants will create an online scrapbook of memories including pictures, podcasts and videos. This will ensure that the memories last a lifetime!

Connecting Digitally

Using cutting-edge technological tools, grandparents will have an opportunity to connect with each other as well as with other participants from around the world while having fun!

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A year scheduled with fun and memories between grandparents and grandchildren...what could be better?